Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm on TV tonight at 6pm and at 10pm! Community Connection - Rogers TVcable 63

First a summary: I was interviewed for a local cable TV program about a week ago while I was at Hillary House searching for material for my artwork for the Art at the Manor exhibit opening May 12th. Part 1 is airing tonight at 6pm, and repeated at 10pm.  I am the "featured Hillary House Artist" in the programming schedule.
Melina Manna, my interviewer, will be following up with me as I create the artwork I am discussing on the first part of my TV interview. She was supposed to come by today to tape it, but the weather is not co-operating so I have post-poned it until Monday.

I'm printing outside because I live in a small apartment. I don't have a studio. I am printing a four foot by two foot woodblock and my paper is even bigger than that; plus my tools, my inks, my glass to roll my ink onto and etc; my two cats who would happily walk in the ink to get my attention... So, before I knew I'd have an audience, never even thinking it'd be a tv audience (!) I was planning to work outdoors under my new market canopy.
As I write this the temperature is 39F / 4C. 
OMG it's sooooo bright white, but I digress. I need at least 10C / 50F  to even have a hope of getting my ink to move across the block and transfer well to my paper. So, for today, it's a no go. Here are some images from my block. You can bet I am DYING to ink these up right now but I am patiently waiting until I do it on camera. The surprise that you always get with a print will be the real thing the camera will see on my face. I still have a few days after the taping to adjust my image if what I see is not right.
overview of the whole woodblock   24" x   48  a few areas left to be carved on TV
work-related injury: pinky fracture

breakfast table
Dr. Hillary and Mrs. Holliday: doctor, patient, and fractured pinky

Here's the link to the Rogers TV Show called Community Connection
and their description of tonight's show

Friday, April 27:
6:00 PM, 10:00 PM - A look at people and organizations that help make York Region the place it is. Featuring Hillary House Artist, Roller Skating, Cut-A-Thon, Church Fundraiser, Mother's Day Walk, Kindred Spirits Orchestra and Snap in the Community.