Thursday, July 24, 2008

Getting Ready for Minto Art in the Park

I've been getting ready for the first of three Arts in the Park, all happening in the next 6 weeks.

Art in Minto Park is a Saturday art show, 10-7pm, on Elgin Street across from Jack Purcell in Ottawa. Along with the local artist's on hand, the art show will also have the sketches of Rich Little, also a local artist. Can't wait to see them!

Little Girl Art

A chalk homage to the universal theme of BFF


BFF of unknown name

The girls next door have been very busy covering every surface of our shared fence with chalk. We were due a big downpour and I figured I'd better get shots of my favorite chalk drawings before they were washed away. Ah ephemeral chalk art...

Illustration Friday: Enough

When I have had enough, I take a time out.

Sunday 16" x20" acrylic on canvas

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 20th Sunday Market -- I won't be there but you should go!

Just a heads up for anyone who may be looking for me at the Ottawa Sunday market this week. I won't be there this coming Sunday, July 20th. Which also means that Tim, of Mobius T-Shirts won't be there either.

What will be there is this:

The City is contracting a company to implode the lower portion of the South stands of the Frank Clair Stadium next Sunday, July 20th, at 8:00 a.m. The Market Vendors will be hunkered down in their footprint ready to serve you the minute the all-clear is given by Security, hopefully by 9:00 a.m. Streets surrounding Lansdowne will be closed until that time. Thank you for your patience and see you a bit later next week!

(excerpt taken from the OFM weekly newletter here)

I personally think it'll be exciting and historical and that the market will be full of the onlookers who will no doubt be out for this event. You should go if you can.

what wikipedia has to say

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Illustration Friday: Foggy

Encouraged by articles in senior's magazines, she decided to do math equations to keep her mind young and flexible.

Trouble was, she was foggy on how to even start.

Here's a page to help you keep your brain fog-free

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Specimens: My Ceramic Moose Exhibit

Here are all my moose ready for framing the day before the show set-up.

I wanted to see how many different characters I could create using the same 4 parts: moose antlers, left and right, moose head and the back board the moose heads are attached to.
I created a model of the moose parts first then fired it and from these pieces created 4 molds to use to make all my variations.
It's interesting what a colour or a tilt of the head will convey, not to mention the loaded meanings we carry with regard to clothing.
My exhibit is in the Minto Place Building, where the Minto Suites Hotel is. The Minto Vitrines, as this display space is called, are in between the hotel and the commercial part of the complex. The display windows are actually right above the wheelchair ramp. Being that the ramp is at an angle, it makes it tricky to set up and stand on ladder to place your work into the windows. I had assumed we set up from behind. We also had to move the ladder for the guests, wheelchairs and strollers alike. it wasn't a big deal, but it pushed set-up time from 90 minutes to 4 hours. it's worth it though. Look at my show! So shiny! It makes me happy.

Here are all the moose on display. 2 rows of 12.

They have this great sign telling lookers that the Artists Showcase is a collaboration between the Ottawa School of Art and Minto Corporation.
I would never have known about this great exhibit space were I not a student at OSA. Being a student there has helped me feel ready to do exhibits. It's a whole new world of opportunity.

Here is Specimen No. 20 Albino Male.
Every moose has its specimen card with all known information about the animal: where it was found, know habits or habitat, cause and age at death.

This is a closer view of the Albino Male, all white with pink eyes.

All the specimen cards are written by hand in pencil and attached to the wall with straight pins. The pins were the perfect finishing touch.

The exhibit goes from July 3rd to September 2nd, 2008.

Minto Vitrines Artist Showcase
Minto Suites Hotel
Kent Street at Lyon, Ottawa ON

Another Big Nut: New Squirrel Painting

I finally finished this 8" x 10" acrylic painting called Desert Island. It went through so many stages I wish I would have taken pictures of that. Some paintings come easy. Others fight you. This one would have bitten me in the manner of a nasty squirrel had I not finally wrestled it down to the ground. Don't ask me why some things are tougher. I don't know.

I am satisfied with the water.

I am troubled by the fact that the squirrel is either gigantic or the palm tree is teeny tiny. And that island is so small! But, never mind. His expression is priceless. His nut could be either a guitar, a ukelele or a violin case. He, maybe, should have had a hula skirt on but that wouldn't be hard to add.

Illustration Friday: Sour

Never satisfied.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mish Mash

I had a professor in medieval art history who encouraged us to look up whenever we were out somewhere. She said you'd often end up with wet feet from stepping in puddles, but you'd see things that half the people around you never will.

Carp Market birds

dipsy doodle on top of blow up ice cream

City wildlife

dog in a well worn bag at Ottawa Market

big big eyes

My backyard

these smell 100x better than they look and they look good

a riot of growth

KittyX : no longer an outdoor kitty .

Hill Cam

Here's a view of Parliament Hill at 7:05am. You can see the red carpet around the eternal flame leading up to the stage. It's the backdrop for the big Canada Day festivities. There's only a few people in this shot but check the cam throughout today and you'll see how many people show up on the hill.

"Packed in like tunafish," as my old friend used to say....

Canada Day Spirit

Happy Birthday Canada