Monday, January 25, 2010

Robbie Burns Day

Today is Robbie Burns Day. Being of Scottish descent I should have been celebrating but it completely slipped my mind as I focused on the many pressing tasks at hand this morning. Only when I wandered into the office did I find someone wearing a kilt, telling me I had missed the canned Haggis.
I should have been there earlier.

He then fished the empty container from the recyle bin as proof that Haggis had indeed been had here and he focused my attention to the vegetarian on the label.

Vegetarian Haggis was had.

The "real" stuff was still sealed in another tin.

Canned Haggis.
An aside: the canned Haggis was bought here and you can order it online!

I read the label and Haggis really goes well with whisky. Whisky is recommended as an accompaniment to, and as part of, any recipe which uses Haggis.

Yes there are recipes that use Haggis in it.
After I finished my potato scone and my oatcake I wandered out of the office thinking about my Scottish side. Argyle. Really, what else is more Argylier than Argyle plaid?

Here is the official Argyle tartan according to

This is one half of my official ancestry. Of course Argyle patterning has been everywhere these last few years, like on this stuff for instance:

popular for dog sweaters

butt patterning squid knitting

luggage blank book


cat collarshead to toe outfits

cufflinks distressed patterning

dog collar dog tag

felted flower

jumper knit shirt

needlepoint needlepoint

ornament pants

plaid'n'pegasus paper ipod

ribbons ring

sneakers skateboard

kilts (him, her)

socks (her) socks (him)

sock vases stationery

tote vest

visor wallpaper

Wonder what Robbie Burns would write about today? I could get him some fancy tartan stationery for inspiration, and a smartly dressed companion animal to keep him company if he had to stare at the blank, tartan-bordered paper before his muse arrived.


I woke up to the sound of pouring rain. I like to lie there and listen to the weather outside my window. We haven't had too many howling winter nights this year and this morning it was heavy rain.

Today's forecast high was 9C. It was overcast most of the morning but then the sun broke through as I crossed a mall parking lot schlepping two bags of groceries toward the bus stop on the opposite side. It felt like April.

The unmistakable sight of snow melting

Smiles all 'round.