Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mini Holiday Time! Off to See Mr Warmth: Don Rickles!

It feels like it was just yesterday we went to see Wayne Newton (see my review here )and this time tomorrow we will be exiting the theatre after seeing Don Rickles.

Don Rickles.

I mentioned in my art class that I had tickets to see him and a friend said with such venom "I would NEVER pay to see that man ever." Whoa. It's been years since he was regular on tv. the last thing I remember him in are those Dean Martin roasts. He was just a regular performer when I was growing up, who seemed old "way back then". I figure if he's still performing now, at age 82, he really loves to do it and it truly is what he does.

I decided last year to make the effort to see the people who have had a big career and to try to figure out why, what did they do to get that and to keep that? As I get older and keep trying to "make it" I am more and more curious about those who have done just that and in a big way.

Here's a good review of a documentary about Mr. Rickles released last year. It's also a good summation of his career.
I hope to be able to see it soon.
We've got wifi at the hotel so I'll check in after the show. As with Wayne Newton I plan to sketch Mr. Rickles as he performs. I have no idea what we'll see. I hope to laugh out loud several times. I will be riveted to the stage no matter what happens.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Garden - the small details

These are my mystery hostas, sent to me by Hortico (a fantastic source for all things green and growing in late April. After waiting for the weather to get better I planted my mystery hosta collection and here they are sprouting like weird alien sentries. I adore these sprouts! So much personality already... can't wait to see what they will be when they grow up.

Garden Update - the big picture

After the long snowy winter I am happy to report that several of my plants survived. Now they are thriving. Here's to the anticipation of a record year of growth and change and enjoyment in my postage stamp-sized garden.

Squirrels are alive and well.

My silver leaf vine is already taking off and entering squirrel territory.

Tulips are blooming their fool head's off.

Roses are climbing to the sky, conjuring up scents to entrance me deep in their tiny buds.

Wild violets pop up all over.

Ferns betray their prehistoric origins as they unfurl their fronds.

Even the dandelion is welcome with its sunny disposition.

Illustration Friday: Worry

The Colonel never worried about phytonutrients.
charcoal on paper, digitally coloured 11" x 14"

Monday, May 26, 2008

First I got ready for my markets and now I'm getting ready for shows...

Since I last wrote I started the Carp Market. As usual I was pressed for time and had to do a massive push to get things done. Here's a shot of a container of friendly plastic characters, fresh from the oven, trimmed and ready for their pins to be glued to their backs and then mounted onto cards and titled. lots of steps to get one jewellery piece ready for the market. This bucket held 90 characters that I made over a week. Here's a shot of what 90 looks like.

I'll show what a few look like close up finished and on their display cards a lady a lady bug
a bird and a mermaid.

Don't you love the luscious full colours of this stuff? I do. Love it. So shiny.

And where do these little lovelies live? Here. This is the craft building on the Carp Agricultural fairgrounds. I took this during setup the day before market started for this season. And here's an interior shot of my Carp Farmers Market booth as I set up for the season.No pins on my boards yet. But I do have my sign, completely made of friendly plastic, up.

Meanwhile Ottawa market is in full swing. The crowds are large and enthusiastic.

Everyone is happy to be out and catching up with each other and how we survived the winter this year. We are all so relieved to finally experience the good weather.

Somehow Mobius Tim and I re-configured our shared booth at the Ottawa Farmers' Market. I say somehow cause we have tried to do this for two years now and with the simple change of two tables, one to the front and one made smaller at the back, the whole space has opened up. And it takes us about 20 minutes less to set up and take down.
We're thrilled.

And this is a shot of the Ottawa River as I drove back from the Sunday market yesterday. The sun was perfect reflecting off the water. It was our first truly summer day.


And, oh look! So shiny....

Now to get ready for Art in the Park in the Glebe a week from this Saturday. Lots on the go. Lots. More on this later.

Here's something new I made for the Glebe show... but I've had to bring it out already at the market due to my work being popular right now (thanks everyone)... enjoy!

The Big Bet 24" x 24" acrylic on canvas

... yes those are the keys to a BMW on the line...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

First Sunday Ottawa Farmers' Market for 2008

The day started warm and humid, but the sky soon darkened and the rain came down.

All before 8:30am. The crowds still came. And the mini horses were on site.

Dogs came dressed for the weather

and many umbrellas were on parade.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Current Exhibition #3 - International Mini Print Exhibit Ottawa School of Art

This mini print exhibit is on in the main gallery of the Ottawa School of Art until May 25th. There are prints from all over the world represented in the show, including two of mine! Here's a quick look around the main gallery. There are more down the hall but you'll have to come visit to see everything.

Current Exhibition #2 - Lee Matasi Gallery Ottawa School of Art

In the Lee Matasi Gallery at the Ottawa School of Art I am in a scholarship award winners' exhibiton along with Corianne Coutu, another student at the school. This is a two week display which started May 1st and goes to May 14th. Here's the show. I encourage you to go in person if you can and check it out.

Pre-show, at home on the couch preparation for the show.

Entryway to the show

Wall with Corianne's linocut, and three of my prints

Main wall of my work

A few of my pieces and Corianne's work

Corianne's paintings and a print