Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Franklin

Here Franklin is wearing the easter bunny in a carrier. Franklin cares.
And look! Franklin's leg is back! I was concerned it was lost forever after it disappeared for St. Patrick's Day.

Illustration Friday: Poise

With some guidance she was able to achieve inner peace which appeared as poise in all situations.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day One Day Later

Ah. Poor Franklin. Here he sits,

St. Paddy's day gear in place

but look! He's lost a limb!
Did this happen in a drunken brawl? Was it lost to a bet? Did he trip and fall?

Oh Franklin.

Friday, March 06, 2009

As promised: Friendly Plastic on set

I last wrote about starting an animation using Friendly Plastic as my set and here are a few jpgs to see what I mean.

Here's the interviewer and his guest. Note the furniture. I melted FP onto
thin masonite and used the heat gun to fuse it to the material. I made the legs by sandwiching two pieces together and using the heat gun to fuse them, and I attached them to the table top and the chair bottom by melting a piece of fp onto the surface and pressing my already-made legs into it and holding it until the legs fused into place.

Macaroni is my guest star. He looks good here.

Here's another still, showing my spaghetti audience.

BTW I made my interviewer from what I learned in the Graeme Patterson workshop I was at this fall. Here's the post I made showing the construction of a puppet.

And here's Graeme's website. Take a look. I was lucky to have had the chance to learn from him.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Friendly Plastic New and Old

I was cleaning the living room and discovered a couple of friendly plastic things. Here's a lady relaxing on a chaise lounge skritching a very pampered kitty. This piece is about 14" wide by 7" tall, all one piece. She's really fun and I guess I still have her because I really liked her. Every once in a while I put something away instead of putting it up for sale. I might make her part of a larger piece, maybe place her in a hand-printed background or something.

And here's something from my plastic box. I carry my sticks with me when I am out at the farmer's market and I keep them in a see-through Tupperware box with a lid. I remember I had my plastic underneath my chair and the sun came around and all it took was a few minutes of direct summer sun and this happened! A whole bunch melted together. You can see one of my handmade stands in there and a tag that I attach to my work all melted together. Sometimes I can pry this apart. This one is a write off. I will have to use it for filler for bigger pieces.

My current use for friendly plastic is as material from which I am making a set for an animation. I have indian red chairs and a table, all based on the set from Inside the Actor's Studio. Once I have it all set up I'll take some jpg's so you can see it.

Catching up with Franklin

We had a 52 day bus strike so I didn't get to see Franklin regularly. I did manage to catch up with him though and while carpooling I caught this image at the end of January.
It's a plea for carpoolers to say hello. I took it out a car window while driving by in the carpool I was in. (Thanks Val for slowing down.)

This was Franklin today.

Not sure if bunny ears or a St. Patty's day get-up will be next. Time will tell.