Sunday, November 27, 2011

Xmas 2011: Gifts I Don't Want to Give or Receive, mostly.

Jungle Animals in a Dew Drop puzzle

that's a big drop of water or those are teeny tiny animals... and are they trapped? are they sad?


Girls Pink Spy Kit

it's pink so... not as serious? Doesn't she look smug?
I've got a secret...lalalalala


Alpha Pig

Try Me = the hammer moves a-little-bit


Rolling Stones Monopoly $29.99
Metallica Monopoly $39.99

what's with the price discrepancy? And why are the Metallica guys cartoon figures?
I *almost* want this though. I admit it.

Metallica Monopoly tokens

Rolling Stones Monopoly tokens - I like these


Garden Gnome to paint


Senior Moments game

okay. I don't want to play a game where no one remembers anything or who went last or where you left the scorecard or your glasses or when you last played a game like this... maybe if you're in the market for a game like this then you may be old enough to enjoy


Elvis Bingo

but I won't cast stones as the bands of My Youth are also bingoing
Gen X we now have

Kiss Bingo

as it says "two classics rolled into one"
"is there nothing Gene won't put his name on," my shopping companion remarked


another songster was discovered an aisle over
this was the only action figure in the Super Stars series we could find
this was series 3 btw--more research needed on this I think

A Cool Dozen Ice T's $2.99

we mused how 12 Ice T's would make an awesome army
lined up on an office desk
but spending almost $40 on Ice T figures just seemed a little decadent

Ice T action figure explained


Scary My Little Pony Set

not-very-ponylike #1

not-very-ponylike #2


Wooden Doughnuts

very Canadian

Wooden Doughnuts: used for math, not for the microwave (says so in the small print)


Family Guy Operation

a lot of people like Family Guy
I can't say I am a fan but it has a few moments


Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie Operation

this *almost* came home with me.
Nightmare Before Christmas is in my top 5 films
ultimately I thought, I am not 8 so I left it behind

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