Thursday, January 05, 2017

Friendly Plastic and Me: A Love Story: the foreward.

I've got 369 friendly plastic sticks, all non-snappers.
If you know what I am talking about, then you know what Friendly Plastic is.

Lets just say my plastic is of the highest quality. ;)

I have a good range of colours and patterns.

And now that it's obsolete*, well, I could sell them for a pretty penny!

My Artrepreneur cohort (hello fellow Vaughan artrepreneurs) would say this is the obvious move.

But I think no.
Use it.
Allow it to fulfill its purpose: shiny happy things at a moderate price for fun and a bit of profit. (I did learn something.)

For me, that is its highest calling.

Since I'm still a bit under the weather I will end this note here. I have a whole year to talk Friendly Plastic. Feel free to unfollow me now!

*Friendly plastic continues to exist in its original form: pellets. If you have a hankering for making your own crafting material, or using this product for other applications, I salute you. For me, it is the end.
Here's a link to the manufacturers site.

Ebay search for Friendly Plastic

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Sick. Ugh.

bundling up
Not much to say except I am sick today. Full on sick. I have a bad cold that started last week with an irritating weird little cough that you would think was fake. It grew to a bigger cough but no other symptoms and now I am hacking away and freezing and sneezing heading back to bed. I'm checking in to maintain my goal of writing every day on my blog this year. Posts like this are next to useless, but I am writing them in 2017.

Until tomorrow.

Monday, January 02, 2017

My Quest to Try New Things: play that ukulele already - January 2nd, 2017

For my birthday in 2015 I got this sweet ukulele.
cat for size comparison
 I was so excited. I wanted one for a long long time and finally had a good one.

I tried to learn to play it from books.
I was highly motivated to play this song for instance. 

But learning from books is never easy for me. So I turned to youtube videos and just got frustrated. 

What I really wanted was a class.

so many songs
If I start in a class then I can follow up with the other methods. I learn better with others.

Yesterday I saw one advertised on kijiji* that's not too far from me. By the end of 2 hours on an otherwise ordinary Sunday in January, this class promises that I will be singing songs by the end of it. Yay! I am signed up.

I am hoping to attend some folk festivals this summer.
A folk festival is the right place to bring a ukulele. 
And so, this is one of my 2017 goals: to play ukulele at a folk festival. 

for an AMP!!! (lookout neighbours!!!)    

Ukulele Orchestra of GB - Shaft

 *possibly goal #2 of 2017: sell some stuff on kijiji

Sunday, January 01, 2017

January 1st, 2017

The new year is here.

I don't feel ready for the new year even though I was dying to see 2016 leave.
2016 was a grind.

Good things, bad things, busy busy busy.

My goal last year was to have more fun.
Sadly, I'm not sure I accomplished this,
easy to achieve goal.

I feel as though I am still trying to find my way here after our move.
It's already been 5 years.

I have met and made friends with lots of great people, still I can't help but feel this isn't my "place".

That's not always a bad thing.

A bit of discomfort keeps you on your toes.

What keeps me grounded is my desire to make things. No matter what, my drive to create and the challenge of bringing things into the world continues to be my greatest joy.

That and mulling things over a cup of coffee. I really really like to do that too.

Bring it on.