Friday, September 26, 2008

Friendly Plastic Lovers... we have news....!

Shown here an assortment of very useful friendly plastic colours:(top to bottom) colour burst, confetti, swirl on blue, rainbow black, metallic mauve

Last night I received an email announcement of a NEW design challenge using Friendly Plastic! This morning there was a new comment on my blog from Michelle about the re-introduction of Friendly Plastic to the world!


Here's the challenge information....:

ANNOUNCING THE AMACO(R) FRIENDLY PLASTIC(R) OPEN CHALLENGE FOR CHA 2009Deadline for Entries December 1st, 2008 See entry form for details Help us celebrate AMACO's 90th Birthday in 2009, make a Friendly Plastic(R) project, and come to a party! We'll celebrate at the Craft & Hobby Association on Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 11 AM in the Anaheim Convention Center. As soon as we are assigned a booth number, we'll e-blast and post information. We will also celebrate on-line with a projects gallery, anecdotes, photos, and blogged remembrances of shared AMACO history. All Challenge entries will be shown on Former winners of AMACO Bottles of Hope Designer Challenges are welcome to enter. Charitable Creative Work This year we will have a category to honor "Bottles of Hope" again with donations to founder Diane Gregoire's Hasbro Children's Hospital, as well as introduce a new charitable project brought to us by Event Coordinators Helen Bradley and Michelle Zimmerman. The Butterfly Project at the Holocaust Museum Houston is seeking 1,500,000 butterflies for an installation honoring the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust. The butterflies will eventually comprise a breath-taking exhibition, currently scheduled for Spring 2012, for all to remember. We will have other categories that focus on Friendly Plastic(R) Jewelry, which will be donated to a women's shelter in Northern California to be selected by our Event Coordinators. Leading Industry Editors Will Judge Awards for Prizes
All entries will be published in an on-line gallery at the NEW websiteNew website coming November 1, 2008
All entrants will receive Friendly Plastic(R) Designer Sticks
Winners will be presented an etched crystal award at AMACO's 90th Birthday Party at CHA on Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 11 AM, Booth # TBD
Winners will receive $100 personal check from AMACO
Winners will receive a matching $100 check to be made payable to your favorite charity
Winners will have their entries published on-line in the AMACO(R) Craft Library
Winners will receive enough Friendly Plastic(R), tools and mixed media materials to host their own craft party for 8. Parties are not required and can be donated to charity with AMACO items appropriate for age group.
Party pictures will be featured in special edition e-blast to designers and editors to showcase new and original designs Entry Categories for Open Challenge Awards For this challenge, we are re-introducing you to the 80's retro modeling medium
Friendly Plastic(R). You may remember it from CHA 2008 where Jana Ewy demonstrated her technique for creating a dichroic glass-like effect. Because the medium is inexpensive, colorful, easy-to-use, and addictive, we think this is the ideal year to have fun with a new/old friend like Friendly Plastic(R), made by AMACO(R). The categories are:
Best Bottle of Hope
Best Focal Bead Jewelry Set Made with AMACO Bead Rollers
Best Valentine's Jewelry Ensemble
Best Butterfly Entry for Holocaust Museum Houston
Best of Show Entry Requirements Feature Friendly Plastic(R)
The requirement for a jewelry set or ensemble is that entries must feature a minimum of two coordinated items (a pair of earrings equals 1 item).
"Focal" bead(s) must be made using an AMACO Bead Roller.
The bottle dimensions for a Bottle of Hope entry covered with Friendly Plastic(R) is any glass bottle 4" in height or smaller (with no requirement for diameter).
Bottles of Hope must have accompanying message of hope featuring Friendly Plastic as medium or embellishment.
Butterflies should be two dimensional and no larger than 8 inches by 10 inches. Please do not use glitter or anything perishable on the butterflies.
All Entries must be postmarked by December 1st, 2008 For great background history and tips on how to make a bottle of hope with polymer clay-remember only Friendly Plastic may be used for this challenge, visit
this site. For more information about the Butterfly Project at the Houston Holocaust Museum, please visit To learn more about AMACO Bead Rollers with technique videos, please visit this page, and to see projects, you can click here. Learn About Friendly Plastic(R) Now Available at Hobby Lobby October 1, 2008 Friendly Plastic(R) softens easily in hot water, with a heat gun or craft oven and can be molded, marbled, textured or twisted! The possibilities are endless. To help you get started, please visit our on-line Craft Library for tips and techniques. Where to buy Friendly Plastic?
Hobby Lobby will carry the Friendly Plastic(R) Designer Sticks as of October 1 with all 34 colors, in all stores!
Sunshine Crafts [
visit site]
Munro Wholesale [
visit site]
Rings N Things [
visit site] [
visit site] When you enter, we will send you free Friendly Plastic(R) designer sticks to replenish your stash as our appreciation for your participation! To help with projects, AMACO also makes modeling tools such as, the Marbling Comb, Friller Tool, Needle Tool, Work Mat, Beadmaking Tool Set and PolyCutters, available in craft stores and on-line at For more information, contact Helen Bradley and Michelle Zimmerman at


Dave Robertson said...

Hi, RedCatDance,

Thanks for recommending us as a Friendly Plastic supplier! We're very happy to oblige with 43 colors! (And friendly service...last time I walked by our sales dept. they were still smiling...) ;-)

at Rings & Things

Michelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle said...

It's true. I've been playing around with Friendly Plastic and still have a long way to go. Any tips? (and I deleted the last comment due to a rather sad typo)

Dave Robertson said...

Hi again,

This might be old news for you -- but have seen this Friendly Plastic info sheet?

at Rings & Things

Michelle said...

Just a reminder that the entries for the AMACO Friendly Plastic Challenge should be submitted by 1 December 08.

The Challenge coincides with AMACO’s 90th birthday will be judged at the Craft and Hobby Association Convention in Anaheim in January 2009. There are categories for Bottle of Hope (the entries are to be donated to Diane Gregoire’s Hasbro Children’s Hospital), Best Butterfly (entries are to be donated to the Holocaust Museum Huston), Best Valentine's Jewelry Ensemble, Best Focal Bead Jewelry Set (to be made using AMACO bead rollers).

Prizes for the Challenge include a $100 personal check to you from AMACO and a matching $100 check paid to your favorite charity. There are also etched crystal awards which will be presented at the CHA show. You can learn more about the challenge and the awards at the Challenge website: and this link gives you access to the downloadable entry form:

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