Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hunter Goes Home: Turtle Hospital release today

I read of a rehabilitated turtle release at Higgs Beach today.
It was a 10 minute walk from where I am, and even so I was behind schedule.

orange vehicle is the Turtle Ambulance
The Turtle Hospital Ambulance transporting Hunter the sea turtle passed me on the way. Yikes. I knew there was a half an hour between arrival and departure for the turtle so I hustled down there.

There's the turtle ambulance. I'm in the right place.
crowd up ahead
turtle must be in there somewhere
Finally I can see Hunter. He is big.
He was super active. I am sure he knew he was near the ocean.

He looks healthy and strong. Did not expect such soulful eyes.
I moved out of the way so others could get a photo and then saw the crowd moving toward the Atlantic Ocean and forming two lines.

I chose my spot and we all waited together in two lines down to the water's edge.
birds waiting

people milling

After a short time the Turtle Hospital people came out with two ropes with buoys and created an official path for Hunter.

We were instructed to stay off the path, especially at the water's edge. If the turtle saw people in his path he could get disoriented we were told.

I waited quietly enjoying the whole thing, every minute of it. VERY lucky to be here on this day.
still waiting
"Welcome Home Hunter" 

Tonight in Key West I saw

I took a little walk around Duval St
to see what was going on. 

 It was a nice night for a walk in  fahrenheit or celcius.
Very quiet for a Key West night, but it was early- 9ish only.

bikes: festive/non-festive
bowl of free condoms and the Better Than Sex dessert place

Duval Crawl hoodie with extra beer pocket
men's xmas embroidered Southern Santa shirt (never imagined this even existed)  

Went by some interesting food joints

Saw some festive decorations


fav part=foil on the windows!
Seeing the decorated houses tonight is just a taste of what's to come tomorrow.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Art Basel Miami 2013 - some big time prints & big name folk

The glory that was Art Basel seen from a rooftop garage

I'm not keeping to the blog making and posting schedule I thought I would do. 
Key West, where I am right now, is keeping me distracted. 

But as I try to deal with all my jpg's I've put together another 
packet of pictures from Art Basel Miami 2013.

There was an official magazine section at the fair.

The only place I saw the silkscreen mass-produced t-shirt, but it was a good one.

And then around the corner on that aisle were the only printmaking booths that I came across at the show, though I never made the trek through the whole thing. In a later post I'll show you some prints from these booths but first I'll wow you with some famous stuff:

Man Ray works
Shepard Fairey prints drew a big crowd.     
Curiously, these were some of the only pieces with the price stated right there for all to see.

Across the aisle this drew me in

A Warhol "acrylic and silkscreen on canvas construction"

and the maker of this?