Thursday, June 12, 2014

Facebook's Effect on Me and my Blog

Hello.  If you're my facebook friend, you may have an idea of what I've been up to since I last posted here. If you're not, or you don't really visit facebook much, you may feel I've been terribly absent.

This is the most recent thing I put on my Facebook page--  "Missiles Installed on Apartment Buildings to Protect FIFA’s World Cup, 200,000 Troops Deployed"  I added no comment, just the url (below)

I know I feel terribly absent here.

something else I posted to Facebook...url below

I am very torn by Facebook. Certainly not something new or unique to me.

Personally I find the worst part of doing FB is it steals my thunder. It is much much much easier and faster to take a picture and put it on FB with maybe a sentence.

FB caption?      "My studio"

Sometimes just a word or two. Or nothing. Well, in this case, an OMG!!!! is *almost* nothing....

There! Done. Need to show you that taken care of. *tick!* off to the next thing lalalala 

I do the dreaded forwarding of stuff and re-posting there as well. I'm not proud of that. When it happens to me in email, unless it's something that is sent to me because the person knows I am really on a tangent with that thing, well I usually think it's just lazy to do that. Basically you want me to know something, but here, figure it out from this other thing without me having to actually write something just to you. I want to hear from You. Directly. Not second hand. Not via some conduit of someone else's blogpost or video or Youtube thingy.  Unless it's your blogpost, video or Youtube thingy.

But isn't this what the internet is all about? Aren't we supposed to share and share and share? We share everything but ourselves sometimes. Irritating. I suppose that when pressed for time it is better to hear something than nothing for months on end. But if that's the case then the second hand contact only makes me wonder what else is up with you.

Re-reading this post I think, wow, I'm cranky. And yeah, I'm cranky. I feel frustrated and unsatisfied in general these days. It's ok, been here before, felt this before, something's brewing. Or not. We'll see. I am going to re-commit to posting here on a more regular basis though. It helps me clear my head and think about things for a minute before I am off again.