Monday, August 29, 2011

The Ex

I was at the CNE, (the Canadian National Exhibition) yesterday. I've been on the CNE grounds before, when I did the One of a Kind Shows, but I've never been there for The Ex. I thought it was great. Full of what I expected and some unexpected surprises. I don't know if you could get around to everything in one day. Well, maybe you could, but I like to linger so I didn't see some things and then there were scheduling conflicts, so I didn't see others. But what I saw I liked. Here's an extensive photo essay of what I saw. I could do 5 big posts on this but will try to condense it to one.

I'll break it into 5 images per topic.
How's that??

5 Mini Horses

Mini Horse Costume Competition.
Who knew?

My Favorite: Bee Horse and Flower Girl

3 more mini horses

5 More Animals





hairless cat

4 Butter Sculptures and 1 Butter Sculptor

4 Bananas and 1 Picture of 2 Bra Sculptures

bag of bananas, big-eyed bananas

monkey/banana combo, rasta banana

two cups of flower & DQ Duo
see more here:

5 Marilyn Monroe objects

Marilyn garter

Marilyn well-worn daytime white pump

Marilyn negligee

Marilyn Monroe black springolator pumps

Marilyn Monroe gold lame pumps

5 Last Ones

Human Cannonball's cannon

Good Manners chair

Footsie Wootsie 25cent massages

Bride faces obstacles

Hugh Hefner's Slippers

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lumiere Festival 2011 in Ottawa

My tape sculpture companions were very patient on the drive to Ottawa. I arrived around noon the day of the show. As usual, the weather was great until I hit the Ottawa Valley. All of a sudden the sky was dark and filled with clouds. The wind picked up. The temperature dropped.

The sky gave us one severe downpour, with a few more raindrops here and there throughout the night. We all remembered how terrible it was last year with the unrelenting rain. Thankfully, every time it just went away.

I carried all my tape-people-parts to the river's edge and had help from volunteers and friends to get my piece situated in the water. Thank you everyone.

Here is one half of my installation called Fool for Love.
A mermaid entices a mere mortal man to come get her.

mermaid approx 6' , packing tape, bike reflector, LED light 2011

Our hero.

man approx 4' , packing tape, duct tape, bike reflector, LED light 2011

Most visitors viewed the installation from this vantage point, though there was another view where you could see their interaction from the side, and their beating hearts.

It's tough to get the real feel for this piece so I experimented with some video footage. I think it helps you get the feeling of the day and the setting. Just click play below

Fool For Love - Ottawa Lumiere Festival 2011 from katie argyle on Vimeo.

The finale of the performances at Lumiere were the Fire Weavers. I saw them a few years back and was mesmorized. See for yourself. There's just something so great about fire.

Fire Weavers - Ottawa Lumiere Festival 2011 from katie argyle on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This Weekend! Lumiere Festival and Kingston Womens' Art Festival

Okay so I have a jam-packed calendar this weekend.
Two (2) events. One (1) weekend.

EVENT #1 Lumiere Festival

The Ottawa Lumiere Festival is this Saturday, August 20th, from 5pm to 10pm
located in Stanley Park (New Edinburgh area) MAP

I will have a sculpture installation for the festival entitled Fool For Love. Once more I will be showing my work on the wonderful water of the Rideau River.

Here's a reminder of my work from last year's festival. I hope to top it!

One Way -- The Ferryman and the River Rideau, 2010
packing tape, LED lights, clipboard, paper, coins, canoe

This is my post about last year's event

EVENT #2 Kingston Womens' Art Festival More Info Here

On Sunday, August 21st, from 10am to 5pm, you will find me in Kingston's gorgeous City Park
(map here). I will be in booth#96 (which looks to be a great location for me to see the entertainment!).

It's been a few years since I attended the festival and I'm looking forward to being there this weekend.

I'll have mostly paintings with me

plus a few Mirrors of Positive Affirmation.

I've never done two shows back to back so if I am spacier than usual on the Sunday just know I did it for my Art.

Hope to see you at one of these events.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Richmond Hill Potters' Guild - Tea Room Duty

As part of my membership with the Richmond Hill Potters' Guild,
I am required to work in the Burr House Craft Gallery
or the Burr House Tea Room a certain number of times a year.

tea room and craft gallery are open


Burr House hours

a fine example of the City of Richmond Hill's gardening expertise to the left of the doorway

It was my turn to be in the Tea Room over the weekend.

The Guild grows some nice flowers, perfect for cutting
and placing into one of our handmade vases; one per table.

part of the flower garden

table setting

Tea is really tea AND scones.

tea room tools

more tools

the last resort

A pot of tea, 2 homemade scones, one slice of zucchini bread,
2 pats of butter, and 2 small pots of jam.
All for $4.

The atmosphere is very calm in this 1824 heritage building.

Visitors told me this was the old Richmond Hill blacksmith's house.

tea room

tea room to craft gallery

There are many original features and it's good it's still being used.

The Craft Gallery showcases guild members' work.

There are two guilds working here:
the weaver's guild and the potters' guild.

my mirror and Doris Walter's cast foot sculpture

three of my paintings plus much more

I haven't spent much time in the pottery studio over the summer so I don't have ceramic work in the gallery, yet. I did manage to drop off a few paintings and a few Mirrors of Positive Affirmation.

a few more mirrors

It's a good start.

Potters' Guild Info can be found here:
Burr House Spinners and Weavers info: