Friday, November 27, 2009

Gallery 101 - 2009 FRAMES event

(three prideful views of my submission: from artwork to matte to matte with frame and yes these pictures are in colour)
Take Pride 1.75" x 5.75" ink, gouache, stonehenge paper

Here's my contribution to this year's Gallery 101 Frames event. They started tackling the seven deadly sins last year so sin #2 is Pride. I decided to show you my piece in all manner of dress, culminating with a very prideful large solid dark wood frame. Talk about showy, yet tasteful.

Here's the info...

Saturday, December 5, 2009, 7pm

Preview: December 3rd and 4th from 12pm – 9 pm
301 Bank Street
Art Auction/Party: Saturday, December 5, 2008. Doors open at 7pm.
Tickets: $10 at Gallery 101 or Mags & Fags or $15 at the door


On Saturday, December 5th, 2009, Gallery 101 will host the second of seven years of THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS. Each year artists interpret a different deadly sin. This year, G101 invited artists to make art that engages with the boldest sin in the bunch: PRIDE. We certainly want to show our PRIDE, and why not? This year, Gallery 101 is celebrating its 30th Anniversary of supporting Ottawa’s arts community, and we feel the need to brag, to boast, and to get a little narcissistic.

But that’s not the only way we are spicing it up. Other sinfully delightful features of this year’s event will be the best performance art, arrogant door prizes (including some very glorious big ticket items), and grand appetizers, all set to some choice tunes by the sauciest djs in a PRIDE-inspired setting. So come on out and show us you have PRIDE (for the arts) in Ottawa, indulge in a night of arts and culture, and support your local non-profit artist-run centre.

Proceeds from the auction help Gallery 101 maintain its services to artists and the community. This event is supported and made possible by our local artists, volunteers and friends. Special thanks to our sponsors Allen's Flowers, Bossarts - Beauty in Balance, Capital Xtra, Collected Works Bookstore, Giraffe The African Store, Hartman's Your Independent Grocer, Jack Of All Trades Design, La Bottega Nicastro Fine Food Shop, LaPointe's Seafood Grill Café, McAuslan Brewery, Mags & Fags, MediaStyle, Metro newspaper, Mikaza Home Modern Furniture, Patrick Gordan Framing, Pelee Island Winery, Pizza Shark, Pure Gelato, Schoeler & Heaton Architects Inc., Spins & Needles, The Scone Witch, The Village, The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro, Venus Envy, Vittoria Trattoria.

All frames generoulsy donated by FRAMES BY ROCKWELL. Gallery 101 greatly appreciates your support, which contributes to the long-term, financial stability and well being of the gallery.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ottawa School of Art Holiday Sale - You're All Invited

The annual Ottawa School of Art Holiday Sale starts tonight. Doors open at 5pm to 8pm. I submitted six paintings for the shows this year, and if they sell I'll have new pieces up to replace them. New this year is the Holiday Sale at the Shenkman Art Centre in Orleans. The show there also opens tonight with the vernissage to be held this coming Sunday afternoon, 2-5pm. My one and only craft sale is this weekend so the only vernissage I can attend is tonight's...and with that I am off to mingle! This is really colourful event and you should all come and see it.

Here are my contributions to the Holiday Sales.

The first three are at OSA George Street, Ottawa.

Baaa Humbug 11 x 14 acrylic on canvas

Greg Brady was always cool 11 x 14 acrylic on canvas

Basement Apartment 16 x 20 acrylic on canvas

These are my pieces for the Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans.

Red Rabbit 14 x 11 acrylic on canvas

Night Owl 14 x 11 acrylic on canvas

location location location 9 x 13 acrylic on canvas

Ottawa School of Art Holiday Sale: two locations

35 George Street, Ottawa & Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans

Nov 26 - Dec 15 2009.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Illustration Friday: Skinny

PROBLEM: skinny girl not perfect

SOLUTION: fatten up the eyelashes

Filling the Well #2

EXCERPT: "Just a minute," Kotter said addressing the hood. "I can understand your concern. But Lousy Louie's name was not used in the paper. So as far as
your complaint is concerned I don't think you have a leg to stand on."
"Funny you should mention not having a leg to stand on," the hood replied.
"Because if Lousy Louie is put in dis paper again, dat's what everybody on da paper is gonna have--not a leg to stand on."
"Are you saying..." Kotter began defiantly.
"Yeah, I'm saying," the hood told him. "If Lousy Louie is in da paper again, da guys on da paper is gonna get da wrong end of da pencil."
"The eraser end?" Wahington guessed.
"You got it. Rubbed out."

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Nanowrimo: Filling the Well #1

I did The Artist's Way a few years back and what has stayed with me is the idea of "filling the well". Creative people need to give themselves fuel for their fire so to speak and since I am getting into writing I took a look around the house and will be posting some of the novels that serve to fill the well for me in this moment.

Here's the first:

Excerpt: The pause was longer than usual; long enough for Donald to finish his martini and order another.
"Two at lunch?" Ann asked with raised eyebrows.
"Don't change the subject."
"But it's such a marvelous opportunity!"
"What did your dad say?"
"I haven't told him yet."
"And there," Donald said, looking like a judge too young for the bench, "is what we have to contend with. The psychological slip."
"What on earth are you talking about?"
"Your use of words. You said, 'I haven't told him yet.' You didn't say: I haven't asked him yet."
Ann put on her near-tears look. "You're trying to make me sound like a stubborn person! One who achieves her ends regardless of what it entails!"
Donald eyed her serenely. "What else is new?" ...
And ...

November Begins

Once again I will try to reach the magic mark of 50,000 words by the 30th of November. This year, along with my writing buddies groovypencil, tin sandwich and BaroneSpumone, I welcome Vandal Savage into our creative tidal pool. I have a plan for myself this year. Last year I just wanted to make the word count but with being in school full time and having homework I never got to the 50K mark. We'll see how it goes this time round.