Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Hello Faithful Reader. You did not deserve for me to disappear from plain sight. Let me explain. Between end of term assignments, final critiques, ceramic studio clean-up, market season start-up and getting ready for two gallery openings on the same day, this being tomorrow, I've had a very full last two weeks in April... oh and I got addicted to the 2004-2006 tv series Huff inbetween. I am currently on episode 6, season 2 of Huff.

So here are a few images of what I accomplished.

A Renaissance eye in graphite

Part of a series based on tension.

Was in local group show for year of the rat prints

Made a few delicious prints

After being indoors since mid-December, Kitty X ventured out and finally got some sun.

Tomorrow I have an opening in the school student gallery with another student, Corianne, an honour that accompanies winning a scholarship for next year. Yes, in the last two weeks I submitted work for scholarships and won! In the morning I work on getting that show up and by coincidence, I am also setting up a solo show of my spaceman paintings in the afternoon at the Prime Corps. space at Bank and Somerset Streets in this fine city of Ottawa. My work will be on display there from May 1st to June 30th. Oh and by coincidence the print exchange for the Year of the Rat show also happens tomorrow at the school. Lots going on and Ottawa Market begins this Sunday with set up for Carp Market Saturday and a start one week from this Saturday... so glad it's not this Saturday. More pictures to come tomorrow.

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Tim Hunt said...

You've been one busy gal. Really nice to see your artwork!