Saturday, February 07, 2009

My Current Gallery Show - Handmade Books and Prints

Secrets Between the Covers
Feb 3rd to Feb 17th Lee Matasi Gallery (Extended to March 3rd, 2009)
Ottawa School of Art
35 George Street in the ByWard Market

Currently I have a show of the work I made during my apprenticeship with Britt Quinlan at the Ottawa School of Art from September to December 2008. I focused on the topic of secrets and created a series of books to illustrate one secret in each book. I find the process of creating a handmade book completely satisfying. Within this art form you can include any art-making process you need to get your story across. It is endless.

As for my video skills, well I forgot that moving pictures are not still pictures and when I turned my camera so the view was vertical the image didn't follow.
So please forgive me this error and consider it intentional (in the best art-making sense of that word).

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