Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Olympic Connection

As I originally posted here, in 2006 I was asked to create a mirror of positive affirmation for Jenn Heil. She was heading to the Torino Olympic games representing Canada in her sport, freestyle women's moguls. I was told her mirror was with her in Canada House as she readied herself for her competition and then she won gold.

Here it is 4 years later and she's in Vancouver at the 2010 Olympic Games as the defending champion. Her final is scheduled for 7:30 PST tonight. But, I just heard Vancouver is under a heavy rain warning: 50-90mm of rain expected an already they've rescheduled some events. Snow making machines and airlifting snow by helicopter is futile against rainy downpours. I can only imagine how much delays fray the nerves of competitors. My thoughts are with you Jenn.

You go Girl!


Timothy Hunt said...

Well, Jennifer got silver. Awesome. I have seen people's reactions to your mirrors of positive affirmation and I do believe you have the Midas touch.

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