Thursday, June 03, 2010

This Weekend June 5/6 in the Glebe - The New Art Festival

Hard to believe the year has already brought us to the doorstep of the New Art Festival. Last year I missed this show. I think I've missed only 2 or 3 since it started, so I am glad to be back this year. My location is #27 Patterson, which is an area I've never been in so that's a new thing too. And another new thing will be my booth full of prints! I've amassed quite a collection of them since I started school, 4 years ago now, and I am happy to bring some of these works out into the light of day. I actually have a long history with printmaking in my life, having been an hand-set type printer using a Vandercook proof press over 25 years ago. This pre-dates my foray into the world of craft by 3 or 4 years but dovetails with my calligraphic pursuits. I've always pursued visual art, though my path gets clearer and clearer with every year that passes. It's completely clear now that I'll never stop making art no matter what I am doing otherwise or where I am or what tools or materials are at my disposal. I just have to do it to be happy. It'll be nice to be surrounded by others at the New Art Festival who feel the same way.

Here are a couple of prints that will be on display:

Keep on Trippin' relief bleedprint, conte & charcoal on BFK Rives 24" x 24" 2009

Zombies Need Hugs lithograph on stonehenge 15" x 18" 2010


If you are a part of the next Ottawa art in the park event, the Urban Art @ Minto Park show to be held July 24th, from 10-5pm at Minto Park on Elgin St. across from Jack Purcell CC, which is organized by myself and Tim Hunt, then please stop by #27 Patterson and pick up some of these nifty handouts to help us promote the show. Spread the word amongst art lovers so they can find you and support you at your next show.

We love art lovers.

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