Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taking a Deep Breath


Hello Faithful Readers and Picture-Lookers

I am going to start catching you up on what's been happening around here. Mostly I've been distracted by a year of wondering if I am moving away, and if so to where.

Two possibilities have been in the air all year:
London, England

Douglas, on the Isle of Man.
And right when I was all set to join the Basking Shark Watch on the Isle of Man,
to see and help conserve these fantastic creatures I found out, nope, instead it may be

So stay tuned. In the next 3 months things will get sorted out and I'll know whether I am moving 400 miles west or across the Atlantic.

This kind of stuff keeps me off center, even more than usual, and stuff drops off as I fret.
Life is taking on a new direction now and I feel like I can start to happily settle into the things that bring me joy... I feel like it's okay to breathe again.


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