Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin 2011

I'm hoping to carve another pumpkin today, but if not, I did do this one.
I brought it over to the Hill Potters' Guild for the Burr House Tea Room.
If I could make a living carving pumpkins I would like that.

Scenic Shot with Pumpkin #1
Burr House Craft Gallery and Tea Room to the left

Scenic Shot with Pumpkin #2
Guild Hall, home of the Weavers' and Potters' Guilds, to the right

1 comment:

The Urban Oaf said...

That is a tough one. A pumpkin artiste such as yourself might find gainful, year-round employment in a place such as Salem. Can mother nature be fooled into providing an abundance of these orange delights in all seasons? hmmmm.