Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Potluck tonight

It's the season of the Potluck and I have one tonight.

I'm attending the Xmas Potluck and Not-So-Silent Auction of the Richmond Hill Potters and Weavers Guilds. I am bringing Cucumbers with Hummus and Yogurt,
a recipe from Fine Cooking's 200 Appetizers.

Basically it's a slice of seedless cucumber, a tsp of hummus and a dollop of natural yogurt.

The recipe calls for toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on top, which in the picture of the recipe look adorable, but I didn't find them and, honestly, my appetizers look more rustic than the evenly shaped mounds in the book's photo.

The hummus is really good. I have wanted to make it for years. To me, this is the benefit of a potluck; I get to make (and try) things I don't normally do.

I know others rely and the tried and true but I look at it like this: my contribution will be one of *many* items on that food table. If it's not very good, well, I tried and people can choose something else. To me, this is a great environment for experimentation.

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jessica said...

Love calling your food presentation "rustic". Brilliant!