Monday, August 13, 2012

Re-purposing my favorite Mobius-wear

I am trying to de-clutter my apartment and I have been going through some of my t-shirts. I have a lot of t-shirts and many are old old old, very worn, and I love to wear them.

Chris has been after me for about 5 years to get rid of this shirt in particular:

This is a "cyclist" shirt made by Tim Hunt and Karen Massey circa, oh, 2001? 2000? The shirts they made just got more and more comfortable, the fabric softer and softer and the design and colour always stayed true. As the shirt got older I started to use it as a "painting shirt". I have lots of shirts now, intended and unintended, that are painting shirts. This one just had so many holes that it was almost unwearable.

arm split open along the side

many different sized holes in the middle of the front

So what to do with this old favorite? I tried tossing it twice now and couldn't do it. So today I put it to work.
 After ripping it, easily,  into long soft ribbons

I used it to tie my tomato plants up off the ground.  Shown here is the true success story of my garden:
Cosmonaut Volkov tomatoes, which I direct seeded  into the ground.   

I couldn't believe when they germinated in the poor garden soil, and I couldn't believe when they flowered, and now I can't get over the tomatoes growing on them!

The blue Mobius shirt was soft yet strong and I felt confident enough to tackle even the most sprawling of my tomato plants, the yellow cherry pear-shaped tomato. Look at this mess of blue t-shirt ties.

Next year I will do myself a favour and get the tomato cages. 
Really, I'm just trying to get through the gardening year this year.
 It's been a long long long time since I had my own garden. 
But, I'll make sure to have a few retired Mobius t's just in case.

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