Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting ready for the Nuit in Ottawa Tonight

It's 2:27pm and I am getting ready for Nuit Blanche Ottawa.
Start time 6:22pm. End time 4:23am.

I'm already over-tired and I don't usually stay up past midnight so much anymore. What I do recall are having the best, most enlightening, and funny conversations, after 1am. Wouldn't it be great for that to happen again with all these ARTISTS around I keep saying to myself as I wonder how I will keep my eyes open and I wonder how long we will *really* last--and how long everyone else will last for that matter. 

I have wanted to do a Nuit Blanche since I attended my first one in Toronto:

 But here I am, four years later and this is what I'm doing or my first Nuit Blanche as a participant:

Basically, I'm seated on a chair, on the sidewalk in front of the Ottawa School of Art in the Byward Market, with my two drawing partners seated on chairs in front and behind me. We each start drawings in our sketchbooks that we pass amongst ourselves, working on a page until we decide it is done. Inspiration will come from everywhere, and from you too if you happen to be there.

Depending on the weather, (it was SUPER rainy this morning--kind of a muted sunshine right now) and the light levels, we'll stay outside for as long as we can take it, then move inside the Ottawa School of Art up to room 405 where we will have installed huge sheets of paper around the room. Here you can join us in our drawings. We have a bucket of supplies for you to use and we'll respond to your drawings as well as to ours.

Our event is quiet compared to some.

Around us at the School of Art will be 14 other art events, not to mention those set up in the Byward Market area and then in Hintonburg and the one I would like to get to myself is in the parking lot of the Enriched Bread Artists studio on Gladstone Avenue. Rob Hinchley, my great former printmaking instructor, and 3 others are creating GIANT woodcut prints using 4' x 8' wood panels for the block and then pressing them to the paper with a steam roller.

(Note to self: I'm going to have to try that when I get home.)

Nuit Blanche Ottawa Website here:

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Joy Weese Moll said...

Thought of you! Hope it was fun and that you're recovering now!