Sunday, November 25, 2012

scatter brained/scattered energy

I arrived home after a trip to my mother's in Ottawa and I promptly lost my glasses. And my hard drive from my laptop. And a CD with old Out of My Mind image files which came off the hard drive of an even older computer.

Turned out I left the CD where I was staying in Ottawa, so, technically, it is "found", but it's not here.

The hard drive is a mystery and the glasses an even deeper mystery.
old wire framed glasses with wire holding them together

Thankfully, during my search for the glasses I found my old glasses so I have some glasses.

Then I couldn't find the stickers I need to put on my ceramics for submission into the Hill Potters' Guild Show.

We have to tag our work so we can get paid for them if they sell. 
Kind of important.

Aurora Farmers' Market Xmas Market display

Having just done my one and only craft show this season just yesterday, I have some stickers I can use. At least in this way all is not lost.

Not lost like my glasses are.

I have spent a lot of time this year in this state of mind.
 I feel rushed. 
I feel undone somehow. 


I feel like I'm in the center of a whirlwind on the one hand, 
and standing completely still on the other. 

Good thing I have that studio and my obligations to shows and sales and markets will all be behind me soon.
Xmas Market highlight: a cute puppy

 This week I am researching residencies. I am moving into the future once more where I like to be. Hopefully I will create an opportunity for an overseas trip next year. I long to go to Europe. 

Maybe the whirlwind will whirl me far far away.

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jessica said...

With enough tailwind for me to hitch a ride.