Saturday, January 19, 2013

Friendly Plastic on the Front Burner for 2013 PT 1 - Where I buy Friendly Plastic - (Canadian Friendly!)

I'll start my first post of 2013 by telling you a secret.
This is where I buy my friendly plastic.

I have been using Munro as my major supplier of FP since pretty much the first day I was selling my fp wares on the streets of the ByWard Market in Ottawa in 1991. A chance meeting with the owner's nephew (or son?) on that sidewalk had me following up on the info and I have never had a need to order from anyone else.

my new shipment of fp sticks

You know why they are great? I can get friendly plastic by the quarter pound, 

this is 1 lb of fp consisting of 4 different colours
 or the half pound. I don't have to buy a full pound (but of course I can-or more). If you are making lots of things you want the full colour pallette and paying the full price for all the colours, even those you don't use often, is a waste of money, and while friendy plastic is not as expensive as metal, it isn't cheap either.

new colour: Spanish Copper
Current retail price at Munro: $62.00/lb

new colour: stormy blue (darker than light blue but lighter than royal blue)
However, Munro offers very generous discount programs which make it even more attractive. I always get the 50% discount. 

new colour: citron (finally a yellow. yay.)
 FYI:  1 lb of friendly plastic is approx. = 40 -  1 1/2" x 7" sticks
          1/4 lb is about 10 sticks. I can get 4 colours for one pound.

I can only speak of shipping to Canada and of the NIGHTMARE of cross border ordering for us. Munro now ships super economically via the post office and it is easy to get the material if you are in Canada as I am sure it is if you are in the US. I wouldn't expect to find better costs for delivery as a Canadian from anywhere else. They also have no problem with shipping to Canadians and don't quibble about it. Again, easy to order from for Canadians.

In addition to revealing my supplier, I've decided to make available my designs and my instructions for working the material to get the results I get.

my mini fish design - possibly the first how-to design will be this

Specifically, this year I am going to take the time to create instruction sheets, how-to's, videos and e-books showing you how to create my designs. I've been working with the stuff since 1991. I work in many art mediums, and toyed with dropping FP at one time, but I just can't. The stuff still has me in its shiny sparkly grip. I think that there are so few of us working with it that I almost feel an obligation to add to the public knowedge of this modeling material but I want to do it in a complete way.  So I'm going to take the time to get it right and then put it out there.

Stay Tuned.


Doodle said...

Hi Katie - thanks for posting this .. I love it! ;o))) Can't wait to see your tutorials!

redcatdance said...

Hi Doodle:

Thanks for your comment. I am sowly starting the process of documenting my fp work. It'll be awhile, but this year I am getting it done!


cs said...

mind-blowing! I'm looking forward to seeing what goes on behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

I have over 100 cases of friendly plastic for sale and am located in Canada. I have an inventory sheet if you need.