Sunday, February 24, 2013

Artscape Gibraltor Point Residency next month

I got a phone call from one of my drawing collective members wondering about riding a bike on Toronto Island in mid-March. It was suggested to us that if we need food/supplies to ride a bike to the ferry, take the ferry, get your stuff, take the ferry back and bike it to the residency.  We are both skeptical that March in Toronto is biking weather. If we were to walk to the ferry, it's 45min. Biking=15min.  I'm going to rent a bike for sure, just not sure if I even want to go off-island. A week is so little time.
Access to the island is by water only. No bridges. No driving.

As one of three members of DtL (Drawing the Line Collective) I am getting ready to re-connect with my drawing partners on Toronto Island. We'll have one week with each other, 24/7, tossing ideas, pencils, graphite, conte and whatever else, onto varied media, trying to find direction/new directions for our work together.

Will I be on a water taxi?! Maybe.
I have no expectations of what we will make, which is part of the beauty of this group. Pure artistic exploration. It's a joy and something to look forward to.

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