Saturday, December 07, 2013

Art Basel Miami #2 -Whirlwind Tour pt1

Since it's really early (8:47am) and I went to bed late (4:00am) and I need to get some of my thoughts & images down here before it's all warm and fuzzy and I'm all like
 "Katie how was Art Basel?"
 "Oh, it was great,"
you know that kind of generalized warm and fuzzy not specific not-very-helpful statement of fact.

Claude Leveque         insane (2013)  neon on rusted bucket

I have enough material and thoughts for several posts on my Art Basel day one. Let me say that it is totally worth the effort, the flight, the waiting years to finally get here, the crowds, the confusion and the (mercy be kind to me Northern friends)  heat and bright summer levels of sun on my pale blue Canadian irises. There is so much to see and everywhere I turned, around every corner behind every wall in every booth there was something. Whether it was my-thing or not, it is joy to be in this atmosphere of Art and of Art Folks. The people, the crowd is so interesting.

To me, this is like jet fuel. So glad I am here. Let me show you some stuff now.

3D things

These first objects drew me in -- two Joan Miro bronzes (omg omg omg)

and this Claus Oldenberg Leaning Fork with Meatball and Spaghetti piece

and very shortly I was irritated. I wanted to see new work. While I am thrilled these works are here for me to encounter I want to see what people are making today. And so I kept on going and saw these.

A contemporary bronze:

and beside it was this:

Ceramics of one sort...

 and another... a favorite piece so far--just imagining the logistics of shipping had my mind racing:

Nearby was this:

 made like this:

and looking like this:

and here are some contemporary porcelain pots by Takuro Kuwata


I would love to see his kiln shelves.

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cs said...

The kiln shelves will feature in another show (maybe).

Thanks for the photos of cool art!