Monday, December 04, 2017

Birthdays, Sketchbooks, Prints: once a year, once a day, once in a blue moon coming up...

Exactly a month ago I had a birthday.

It happened to fall on the November full moon called the Beaver Moon.
Rice Lake in the Kawarthas

Beaver Moon over Rice Lake

I was away from home and was lucky enough to see the full moon rise over Rice Lake on an unusually warm November evening. It felt like the perfect end to an astonishing year of accomplishments for me and an auspicious beginning for my next trip round the sun.

Yesterday on another full moon night, this time called the Cold Moon, I committed to some art practices I'd like to keep up this year. The Cold Moon Super Moon (yes it was a super moon) will keep me honest and on track.

Ever Evolving Cover of New Daily Sketchbook

proofing my blocks - day 1

What I decided to do was keep a daily sketchbook. I hadn't planned on it but I have added a task for myself to carve one small eraser block everyday for a year.

 I started with an image for the Beaver Moon and another for the Cold Moon. That's what got me hooked. So much personal satisfaction in these dime-sized prints for me.

Ooo! Just found this! More moon mania ahead! It IS an auspicious start to the year.

Blue Moon ahead.

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