Friday, February 29, 2008

Illustration Friday: Leap

Leap 16x20 acrylic on canvas, digital text

Happy Leap Year Day!


Liz welch said...

OK, I am new to this blogging lark so I am not at all sure where or how to do this comment thing. I stumbled across your site using a search for Friendly Plastic. I was delighted to see some of the things you do with it. I too have become a Plastic Master, and wish to unite across the pond! I have been working with the stuff for 17 years and LOVE it. I have just started a blog and I have 3 web sites. One is my commercial side (selling FP and stuff), another is my ETSY pages jewellery made with FP) ant the last one (linked to my commercial site) is my own personal pages with images of my work.
It is lovely to get in touch with someone else addicted to FP.
Love your crazy blog.

redcatdance said...

LIZ! Finally someone else who loves friendly plastic!

I have been working with it for 17 years as well, in 1991 I picked the stuff up and haven't put it down yet.

Welcome to my blog and I look forward to seeing your work!


Liz welch said...

Katie I think I am going to get addicted to this blogging lark, it puts you in touch with all sorts of interesting folk all around the world. I love it.
PS thank you for my lovely welcome

Tim Hunt said...

Your sheep is positively airborne and heading towards the horizon at great speed! Quite a leap for a humble sheep. Fun illo!