Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gulp Earrings

aka Businessman's Lunch

In honour of meeting another friendly plastic master, Liz in the UK, I've decided to start posting images of my fp works again. I've gotten away from it, which was supposed to be the focus of my blog, but since there are so few people out there doing this stuff I guess I may as well help educate the masses.

I love this design. Kind of like hoops, but not. Kind of optimistic, or not. Sort of glass half full? Or glass empty? I can never decide if the little fish is outta there or not. Sometimes I re-title this one Businessman's Lunch. Depends how I am feeling.

I love fp for the colour. I try my best to keep the bright uncompromising shiny colour. I have never found any material to equal it. The thing about friendly plastic is it mimics several mediums. People just don't know what it is. It is very similar in colour and patterning to dichroic glass. Also it has been mistaken for leather. One time for wood(?) The real surprise for folks is when they pick it up. It is light. Very light. You can make a huge pin and it weighs nothing. Same thing here. These earrings are about 1.5" across. They weigh nothing. I just calculated that they'd weigh about 1/5 of an ounce. You can see how this confounds the average person. They think they know what it is, pick it up, and then it's light as a feather. I love the look of wonder that crosses their face at that moment.

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Liz welch said...

When I saw your fish, they made me laugh out loud, they are brilliant. I love the humour. I also like your frank appreciation of the fabulous colours of FP; colour is what attracts most people to things, and only then do they notice the design, detail and form of the piece. Like you I want to get more people enthused about Friendly Plastic, so hopefully our two voices will shout louder than one, and we might attract some more to the cause.