Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another Big Nut: New Squirrel Painting

I finally finished this 8" x 10" acrylic painting called Desert Island. It went through so many stages I wish I would have taken pictures of that. Some paintings come easy. Others fight you. This one would have bitten me in the manner of a nasty squirrel had I not finally wrestled it down to the ground. Don't ask me why some things are tougher. I don't know.

I am satisfied with the water.

I am troubled by the fact that the squirrel is either gigantic or the palm tree is teeny tiny. And that island is so small! But, never mind. His expression is priceless. His nut could be either a guitar, a ukelele or a violin case. He, maybe, should have had a hula skirt on but that wouldn't be hard to add.


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Timothy Hunt said...

Like the real squirrel, it is difficult to discern exactly what this guy is thinking. Love the mystery. As a witness to the battle, I'm glad to see you emerged victorious.

redcatdance said...

Thanks for your thoughful comments online free lottery, powerball lottery and timothy hunt.

Yes Mr. Hunt I think it took me four weeks to work this painting through. Mostly it just stumped me and I had to put it back down and just ponder it. It is mysterious, from beginning to end. I appreciate the support chum!