Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Specimens: My Ceramic Moose Exhibit

Here are all my moose ready for framing the day before the show set-up.

I wanted to see how many different characters I could create using the same 4 parts: moose antlers, left and right, moose head and the back board the moose heads are attached to.
I created a model of the moose parts first then fired it and from these pieces created 4 molds to use to make all my variations.
It's interesting what a colour or a tilt of the head will convey, not to mention the loaded meanings we carry with regard to clothing.
My exhibit is in the Minto Place Building, where the Minto Suites Hotel is. The Minto Vitrines, as this display space is called, are in between the hotel and the commercial part of the complex. The display windows are actually right above the wheelchair ramp. Being that the ramp is at an angle, it makes it tricky to set up and stand on ladder to place your work into the windows. I had assumed we set up from behind. We also had to move the ladder for the guests, wheelchairs and strollers alike. it wasn't a big deal, but it pushed set-up time from 90 minutes to 4 hours. it's worth it though. Look at my show! So shiny! It makes me happy.

Here are all the moose on display. 2 rows of 12.

They have this great sign telling lookers that the Artists Showcase is a collaboration between the Ottawa School of Art and Minto Corporation.
I would never have known about this great exhibit space were I not a student at OSA. Being a student there has helped me feel ready to do exhibits. It's a whole new world of opportunity.

Here is Specimen No. 20 Albino Male.
Every moose has its specimen card with all known information about the animal: where it was found, know habits or habitat, cause and age at death.

This is a closer view of the Albino Male, all white with pink eyes.

All the specimen cards are written by hand in pencil and attached to the wall with straight pins. The pins were the perfect finishing touch.

The exhibit goes from July 3rd to September 2nd, 2008.

Minto Vitrines Artist Showcase
Minto Suites Hotel
Kent Street at Lyon, Ottawa ON


Timothy Hunt said...

Nice to see how the whole thing came together into an impressive looking show. I look forward to visiting these moose in the flesh.

redcatdance said...

Thanks Timothy. I thought they were impressive all framed up like that. Funny how different things look in an "official" art space under lights. I never feel that Art aura when stuff is laid out on the floor or on the couch :)