Sunday, April 05, 2009

Illustration Friday: Talisman

strategic plan 22 x30 lithographic print on BFK Rives

He appeared confident in all situations
but no one knew his secret talisman was luck.

Here's the my actual stone being inked up. Lithography is like anti-printmaking. It is so odd to keep the stone soaking wet while you ink it up. All the signs that tell you a print is ready to be pulled are muffled in this process; it's the water. It totally threw me off. I think it could take many years to really understand this process. Interesting.

Here's the first print coming off the stone. It was a good one too. I was lucky, (must have had a talisman of my own that day), cause I don't know much about this process yet, so it sure wasn't a success due to skill!


Milan Rubio said...

Thanks for sharing the process!

Timothy Hunt said...

I love this Katie. Strong image. Nice to see that people are still making litho's the old fashioned way.

Coreopsis said...

I really appreciated seeing something of the process. I took a lithography class a million years ago, and was in love with the stone. But I don't understand at all how it works.

Great image!

Tessa said...

Wonderful to see the work in progress. Such a powerful image, too!

justdoodleit said...

Very strong image!