Friday, January 01, 2010

Polar Bear Swim, Ottawa, Britannia Park January 1st, 2010

How best to start the New Year?

And so, here we are, the day after the night before
aka New Year's eve 2009/New Year's Day 2010

Britannia Park, January 1st, 2010 just before 2pm
Weather: overcast, light snowfall, wind 4km
Temperature: -3C/with the windchill -5C

58 participants in the Britannia Park Polar Bear Swim
The event raised money for the President's Choice Children's Charity


first glimpse of the "canadian hot tub" aka the ol' swimming hole

we all stood on the ice
a giant cracking sound made more than a few of us nervous,
causing us to wonder
if this was the year we all participated in the polar bear swim

the ice is pretty thick this year

contemplating the future

getting ready for the dippers
ropes are placed around the waist of every swimmer so they can be pulled
up and out of the water, or guided to the edge to help them out

you don't see this every winter day

in Grover we trust

participants get a "safety talk" before they go in

lots of slush and a good look at the edges of the swimmin' hole


Timothy Hunt said...

Nice photo's. They seem to give warmth to a cold event. It seems to defy nature, seeing open water at this time of year. Did you go in? Did you wish you did?

redcatdance said...

Tim I *really* wanted to go in.
But, alas, I wasn't dressed for it.
Mr. T on the other hand was sure he wouldn't ever do that. Next year. Would you do it with me?
BTW I have a video to addd to this story. You wouldn't believe the upload problems I've had! I blame Elves. Now that xmas is over they have idle hands.