Friday, December 10, 2010

Pimped out baking

My sister's latest blogpost about Spotted Dick had me thinking about Christmas baking. Believe me when I tell you, what she says about her baking is all true. She loves a challenge. As synchronicity would have it I came across this image:

I think my sister should make something like this soon!

Look at the detail! In art school we were encouraged to try our hand at copying the Old Masters to learn how to handle our paint and to analyze what goes into creating a good composition.

Re-making these culturally archetypal snackfoods may just make you appreciate these tasty tidbits that much more. The artistry! The ingredients! The effort! The challenge! The change of scale! The cost! The admiration from loved ones and strangers alike! So many benefits to be had.

Obviously intrigued, I ended up looking at pretty much everything
on Pimp That Snack.
I perused their gallery of goodies and here are some favorites.

The making of the inside of a giant Kinder egg. This one was just a big wow to me.
I am pretty intrigued by it and may attempt it--maybe for Easter.

My Significant Other may appreciate the tricked out tart and he would probably
love to toast it on the BBQ. All the better to eat you with....

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forensa said...

That does it! Now I am totally jealous! I especially love the detail on the giant oreo.
showy showy showy