Friday, December 31, 2010

Strange Cloud Obsession in 2010

One last thing before I quit blogging about 2010.
Actually it's a confession.

I had a cloud obsession all year. I don't know what this was all about but I swear the clouds were FANTASTIC this year. I couldn't get enough of them. I'd be driving along and the clouds would take my breath away. Sometimes I pulled over to really see them and take their pictures.

After a few months of this I quietly talked to couple of artist friends about my obsession and they too admitted to having secret cloud fetishes.
Maybe it's just that like people become friends, but I found this to be both affirming and scary.

Oh well.

One year I was obsessed by the sun and could not get over the fact that it is a burning ball of fire way way out there. That thought can still stop me in my tracks so I won't speak of it again but, ah, no. No more talk of the sun. And don't get me started on the moon, or a single blade of grass. It's all just too much.

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sarahthefantastic said...

Great blog! You might enjoy the cloud paintings on display at The Table restaurant. We saw them last night. Plus, when you're moving you can't always cook! (So you can rationalize the treat that way too.) If you're ever in Brittany the guide books describe the clouds as a continual sky full of whipped cream. We thought it was pretty spectacular. Totally understand the obsession.