Friday, September 30, 2011

Hillcrest Mall today - and all weekend: Sept 30-Oct 2, 2011

The Artists on the Richmond Hill Studio Tour, 2011 version, have put together a sampling of their work for the public to view at Hillcrest Mall.

Our display will be up through the weekend. Members of the tour will be there so if you have questions or want information just ask. from my experience at selling my work in malls, mall space is long and lonely. Nice people asking nice things helps the time go faster so pipe up everyone.

Two moose from my Specimen series and a handbuilt bowl entitled Shear Madness.

I'll be doing a demostration using clay on Friday between 2-4. There are demostrations in all kinds of art mediums all weekend. Come by and see what your Local Artist is up to.


plumbing said...

Plastic materials has a plasticiser content to lessen the brittleness of the plastic.

The Urban Oaf said...

Ah, the mall. And what better place than on the crest of a hill! Best of luck on the tour. I am a great fan of your Moose series.