Monday, August 29, 2011

The Ex

I was at the CNE, (the Canadian National Exhibition) yesterday. I've been on the CNE grounds before, when I did the One of a Kind Shows, but I've never been there for The Ex. I thought it was great. Full of what I expected and some unexpected surprises. I don't know if you could get around to everything in one day. Well, maybe you could, but I like to linger so I didn't see some things and then there were scheduling conflicts, so I didn't see others. But what I saw I liked. Here's an extensive photo essay of what I saw. I could do 5 big posts on this but will try to condense it to one.

I'll break it into 5 images per topic.
How's that??

5 Mini Horses

Mini Horse Costume Competition.
Who knew?

My Favorite: Bee Horse and Flower Girl

3 more mini horses

5 More Animals





hairless cat

4 Butter Sculptures and 1 Butter Sculptor

4 Bananas and 1 Picture of 2 Bra Sculptures

bag of bananas, big-eyed bananas

monkey/banana combo, rasta banana

two cups of flower & DQ Duo
see more here:

5 Marilyn Monroe objects

Marilyn garter

Marilyn well-worn daytime white pump

Marilyn negligee

Marilyn Monroe black springolator pumps

Marilyn Monroe gold lame pumps

5 Last Ones

Human Cannonball's cannon

Good Manners chair

Footsie Wootsie 25cent massages

Bride faces obstacles

Hugh Hefner's Slippers


Timothy Hunt said...

Wow. It's hard to believe you got to see all these gems in one place on one day. That Ex really is one happenin' place. Makes me wish I was there!

jessica said...

Great images, adorable horsies!
But how do you know that stuff REALLY belonged to MM or Hugh Hefner? Did you believe it? Also, don't hairless cats always look a bit sad?