Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Cold, The Cold, and Going to Somewhere Hot

I am bundled up from head to toe today. I have been all week. I caught some kind of cold bug on Monday, which seems to have mutated into every-type-of-cold-I have-ever-had. Each day, a new surprise! I am waiting for the morning I wake up and it's gone. That better be soon. I leave for KEY WEST on TUESDAY!!!!!

Am I a bit excited?

Instead of seeing this out my front window I may see these trees covered in palm fronds; no snow for miles and miles and miles.

And I am sure I will find more than just these pirate motifs. This was from my last 3 day visit to Key West in April 2011. 29 days will give me way more exploration time.

I do know I'll see the local Gypsy Chicken.

This one's been dubbed Charlie. He's the porch rooster at The Studio of Key West. Hopefully he'll happily preen and pose for me as well.

I found this picture on TSKW Facebook page. December's artist-in-residence Naomi Cohn took this photo. I hope he saunters over to where I am staying too.

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