Sunday, January 15, 2012

Year of the Dragon print

Part of the joy of printmaking is in the experience of the paper. I decided to try this paper for my first print of 2012: Anno Draconis

The paper is smooth on one side and softly textured/fuzzyish on the other. I did a proof on the smooth side last night, and when I was burnishing it, the paper tore. Hmmm. So I printed onto the rougher side this morning and the burnishing was a dream. This is very strong paper. I can see it holding up to some reduction prints which are coming in my very near future.

More on that later...

I made my print from a lino block using Speedball's oil-based block printing black ink.

I am always wary of Speedball ink, but it seems to be the only ink that is carried by all the art stores when I am in a rush trying to get ink. Everyone has it. Their sales reps must be very good.I have had poor results from the water-based Speedball ink every time I use it. I tried it for this print last night but it was a no go. It dries out so fast and you need a lot and need to keep rolling out and re-inking over and over. I have made it work, but I just couldn't fight with it last night. So, this morning, I opted to try the oil-based ink and it was so much easier, but the cleanup will be harder.

Anno Draconis
lino block on Shoji paper 9.5" x 8.5"

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jessica said...

He looks worried that someone may try to take his year away from him. Don't worry Mr Dragon - we all want you in 2012. Yay Dragonz!!!