Sunday, May 06, 2012

2012 Market Season: Newmarket Farmers' Market

It was a perfect start to the market season. the weather was warm and sunny. While we did experience wind gusts throughout the day, I, mercifully, did not have to jump up and grab hold of my tent to keep it from flying off. It's a good thing as given my week I'm not sure I wouldn't have been quick enough. So thank you gods of wind for behaving.

backseat: twigs, chair, display boards, cinderblocks hiding below

This was my first look at the Newmarket Market since it moved to its permanent location at Riverwalk Commons in Newmarket. The location is fantastic. It's only one block away from a bustling small town main street, called, aptly Main Street. We had a steady flow of visitors. Some vendors I spoke to have been with the market for over 10 years. This is always a good sign, as was the lack of  farmers with produce. This time of year, we are waiting for the radishes, green onions and lettuce to come in. And that's normal.

The first market I've been to where you can leave your car behind your booth all day long. THIS is luxury to a vendor.

Crepes are a regular feature in all farmers' markets in this region it seems. Ottawa didn't have crepes.

This guy was caw-cawing up above, perfectly positioned above my blackbirds (and one red one) painting called The Visitor. Couldn't have created this scenario if I tried.

I was happy to see dogs walking about with their owners and socializing with their kind: peoples and animals alike.

handsome lad

loved his bangs!!

The best part of my day there was the entertainment. The Dustaleros performed. I *really* enjoyed this country band playing with a bluesy twang and a lead singer with a dusty whiskey-soaked vocal chords. They played my hurting country songs and I just sat there, paintbrush in hand, working away at some paintings that should-have-been-done-already, and enjoying the day.

This is beside the market. There is a lake called Fairy Lake nearby too...not sure if this is part of it

all my garden ornaments on sticks. Finally, 21 years later, I have "things on a stick"

A new fan. My Hoot Owl looked great on her.

happy shoppers

Sweet 'Ems, a cupcake/cookie baker set up beside me, had her first ever day at any farmers' market. She had a fantastic day selling out of all her baked goods! I was happy for her as it bodes well for the market as a whole.

entrance to Newmarket's Riverwalk Commons. Look at that sky! Summery clouds!

Here's the food draw at the market: the pizza oven guy. I heard a few people asking if he was there. In Carp it was the Bacon on a Bun people.

packed up after the day is done
Next week I will try out the Aurora Farmers' Market  and then I'll have to decide between the two.


Heather Boyd Wire said...

Hey Katie: That is cool that you are selling at the market. Be sure not to display your canvases on the ground, as one of those doggies may pee on them (although according to my vendor neighbour at Art in the adds value to the work...blech!)

forensa said...

Must feel great to be back at the market! Great pix of a happy spring outing & love the stick art!