Monday, May 07, 2012

Take Care -- Hillary House woodblock print

Take Care  24" x 48" :  woodcut on photocopy paper, oil based ink, graphite
Hillary House in Aurora Ontario will celebrate its 150th Anniversary with the debut of the work of 6 artists on Saturday May 12th from 1pm to 4pm.

I was chosen as one of 6 artists to interpret objects found on site. I was intrigued by a collections notice, which led me to a price list, and then finally a recipe. The source material helped me fabricate a complete story told on one sheet of paper.

Top Third: Mrs. Holliday has an agricultural accident while picking pears. Her pinky is fractured.

Close-up of top left with x-ray and elaborate leafy border

Price from Dr. Hillary's posted price list circa 1914

leafy border with pear

Central Image: Dr. Hillary treats Mrs. Holliday

Dr. Hillary assesses the damage to the pinky finger

Pain is etched on Mrs. Holliday's face

Mrs. Holliday balls up her fist to cope with the pain. Her $5.00 fee DOES NOT include anaesthetic of any kind.

2 baskets pears accepted as partial payment on her overdue account

handwritten notation concerning the acceptance of pears at a value of $2.00 with $3.00 remaining on account

Bottom Third: 1915 Ladies of the Red Cross pear marmalade recipe and the Hillary House breakfast table serving marmalade on toast, in a dignified manner; pinky up.

close-up of pear marmalade in the jar
marmalade on toast

recipe card

enjoy the fruits of your labour
My print, and my woodblock,  will be on display in the ballroom of Hillary House for the 2012 season. Please come and visit. Directions here

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cs said...

This is so intricate! thanks for showing us more detail.