Monday, June 24, 2013

My Richmond Hill Summer Odyssey-Parkette #2 of 34 : Worthington Parkette

So, according to my map, the next stop on my summer odyssey to visit the 
34 parkettes of Richmond Hill will take me to Worthington Parkette. 

street parking only, Worthington Parkette behind me
The parkettes all seem to be spaces for the immediate neighbourhood. Spaces to walk to. 
There is no parking except street parking at this one.

walking toward parkette

going around behind -- pretty standard fare.
This parkette seemed big to me. A full size play set in a sandpit. Some trees, some landscaped rolling lawns, two benches. A screen of thick trees in behind the parkette

and even a well worn footpath to somewhere in through the trees

Frankly I found it kind of boring, and on my return to the car I noticed this across the street

 This was a lot like the entry to my first parkette, so maybe this was the parkette? I hadn't actually seen any sign on the other one and there was no sign except what looks to be the standard Park Rules sign I have now found a few times. I decided to explore it a bit.

A nice gentle climb on a paved path lined with big formal rectangular blocks of stone

Johnny This WAY graffiti! ooooo!
 Graffiti around the corner

 Stone blocks gone and it's a paved path leading into trees and I can't see how far that is and I need to get going. So I turn around and have made a mental note to check into this again.

And as I drive away, realize I am heading in the wrong direction for parkette #3, I double back and there it is, the town park sign:
Worthington Park
Worthington Park. It's not parkette? Or is it? Is the sign right and the trail map wrong? Or is the map right and the sign wrong? This parkette business isn't very straightforward. But it's turning out to be more curious than I expected. #3 coming soon.


Jessica said...

Why "parkette?" Soumds like a park with low esteem issues.

cs said...
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cs said...

^ LOL As if it's not quite good enough for a real park.

I am looking forward to reading about where that trail for #2 goes. Was it hard to turn back prematurely? I find that difficult sometimes, even if I like leaving more for the future. The trail into the forest looked intriguing too, but sometimes these things lead to homeless encampments or other private venues. Nothing bad, just not useful for my purposes. But sometimes such paths end up being great shortcuts or alternative routes.