Friday, June 21, 2013

The Parkettes of Richmond Hill: A Summer Odyssey

I've lived here for two years now. I keep trying to settle in. 
I've decided to really take the time to explore what my surroundings actually hold. 
I gathered a bunch of town literature from community centres nearby..
trail and park guide

One thing I picked up was a fold out map called A Guide to Parks & Trails in Richmond Hill.
three houses down from me

What really got me onto the park system here was this little thing down the street  from where I live:

What is that anyway?
Is this what they call a park? Who patrols it?
This is what I would call "a shortcut" but it's something "official" with those rules on the sign telling us how to use this space. Wow.  It's marked on the map with a faint sage green line, and no number so it's not an officially named space. 
So there are some quirks. 
Besides the official unofficial shortcut, Richmond Hill has kettle lakes, rivers, trails, parks and parkettes. 
Some parkettes are right beside parks. 
So what's the difference? 
There are 34 parkettes according to this map and this summer I am going to visit them all and report back.  

crow earrings

Right now I am getting my art together for the Aurora Farmers' Market in the morning...
flying pigs by request-verson #1

version #2
We can talk after.


cs said...

Wow--those spaces, those odd margins, 'parkettes' without names--I think got carried away and read your post too quickly and missed some info, but I find those spaces highly intriguing. Investigating those spaces has been a hobby. I'm always hoping for a shortcut, or some cool art, or at least a drinking fountain...

Good luck with your adventure!

redcatdance said...

cs, hello! Of course you'd be interested in this... you with your running and such! When I have a bit of time I'll post what I have discovered so far. I don't understand the definition of a parkette. I am going to ask for Official Clariication next wek! Can't wait. Thanks for commenting...