Wednesday, February 05, 2014

January's Gone

January 2014 has already come and gone. Good riddance to 2013 I say.

borrowed Chris' T-Max Socks for my Ottawa trip

This years' relentless winter made me mute after my return from Key West. I think only this past week have I felt like communicating. When I was a full time crafter and did tons of craft shows, we would look forward to The Days of Sloth--those wonderful guilt-free days of January when there are no shows on the horizon and you have worked your butt off all xmas season. I still felt slothful n January. even so I scheduled a week away in the printmaking room in Ottawa.
I really needed the Heat Socks during my trip
I wanted to get a jumpstart on my printing activities for 2014/2015. I'm interested and moved to do some long term elaborate work but every time I approached the idea I drew a blank about the method I wanted to use. So I decided I needed to lay some groundwork and do some systematic experimentation and then I can put my mind at ease that that's the method I am going to use. This is the sort of basic work I rarely do, but I really don't want to waste time these next few years.  I really need to make work.

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