Thursday, May 12, 2016

I'm the Featured Artist on the Richmond Hill Studio Tour blog this week

 The Richmond Hill Studio Tour isn't until the fall but with so many great artists on the tour the promotion of ourselves and our work begins early.

To that end here is the blog post related to my work and to what I will showcase on the tour.

I am now in the planning stages of what I would like to create for the tour. It's a juggling act that gets tougher as the summer comes on. This is my busy time of year. I have to be super-organized and that isn't an easy thing. I build flexibility into every day just in case I have to shift gears. Overall, I have a good idea of where I need to be by when.

Of course, when I lose my way there are the ever-present hard deadlines and the fear of preesnting sub-par work *shudder* 

The Richmond Hill Studio is the weekend of October 15h and 16th. I will be in the tea room of the Burr House at 528 Carrville Road, Richmond Hill.
Tour info here

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