Monday, June 16, 2008

O Bruthr... Wurdz

Lately I keep hearing this word "staycation". It really bugs me. Staycation is just trying to dress up the fact that you're staying home. As in not going anywhere. Staying in. Might as well build a fort.

And what's left unsaid is why. Most probable answer: can't afford it.

Alternately: Eek! and Ho Hum.

And then there's glamping. That's glamour + camping. I knew something was up when in the Canadian Tire flyer they were advertisting a full portable kitchen for camping.

A kitchen. Sink, counter, formal garbage space, cupboards. All on wheels. How much space does that take to pack? So you have a tent and a sink now. I thought our blowup mattress was decadent: double thick, inflated automatically, no huffing and puffing on our part, just plug it into the (former) lighter area of the car.

I am not a glamper.

Walking through the ByWard Market the other day I saw this through the flower stall

and this is a closeup

2 dumb 2 steal
2 ugly 2 prostitute
spare change

Sleeping bags rolled on top of the sign, 2 young guys sitting beneath it in the shade. No glamping here. And they aren't on a staycation either. Here they are, on the pavement in the market. And as permanent as they seemed, as I watched they disassembled their lair and were off, sign disassembled and discarded. Did it make it to the paper recycle bin I wonder?

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