Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Etsy... you are a dream! New Etsy Up

Hello Etsy. What a dream you are to post on. After using ebay for many many years with ever more complicated forms to fill out and a longer and longer wait to get from page to page, etsy is a dream. It's clean, it's fast, it's friendly.


Etsy you did good.

I started my Etsy shop today. It's listed under my press name: Prissyfistspress.


I have a link to the side of the page here that will take you directly there.

Fellow Ottawans and other locals

If you live near me and you see something you want in my Etsy shop I will be pleased to bring it with me to one of my local markets or shows for local pick up. Just email me or convo me at my Etsy shop.

And here's a sample of some of the things in my shop. If you click on their titles it'll take you directly to that item in my etsy shop. For the rest, pop by and take a look.

8x10 acrylic on canvas

Unwanted: idling
8x10 acrylic on canvas

Play - blank greeting card with detachable magnet

Wishing machines - friendly plastic angel earrings

Devine Swine - friendly plastic piggy with googly eyes brooch or magnet

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Michelle said...

I saw your Etsy shop today and just KNEW it had to be you. Am glad to see your stuff up and selling. The fish make me wish I had holes in my ears.