Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Bounty of a Grocery Store

When I worked for a local grocery store, before they went bankrupt and we were let go without notice, (alas my tales of working for others are short and seem to end this way) I used to take home these fantastic Argentinian Pear shipping crates.

There was something about the wood. it was smooth in places, like they'd finished the slats by hand and other times rough like you'd get a million slivers just going near the thing. I found them mysterious, wondering what kind of tree that wood came from. They were inspirational and I did a lot of work on these small bits of wood that ended up becoming large paintings over time. I was just going through my archives and thought I'd post these.

The Big Nut

Other Uses For a Magic Wand No. 1

The Bath

Icarus Was a Gifted Flyer

You Smiled At Me

I have to tell you, I LOL'd at this version of the You Smiled At Me. Is it ok to love your work that much? *blush*

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