Thursday, June 18, 2009

Self Portrait with Door

Self Portrait with Door 11 x 14 woodcut bleedprint on Somerset paper

artist proof, edition of 8 and woodblock

This was my last official school project, and it was unofficial and voluntary, but I was invited to participate in the diploma 1st year 1st semester relief printing class and while I spent most of the semester getting stuff done for my grad I did want to do the class print exchange. Our topic was "self portrait" and we needed to do 1 artist proof and and edition of 6.
I ended up with a final edition of 8.

print and plate

I printed this through the press. I was able to do that as I carved a piece of plywood finished with popular and it is fairly thin. You still have to set the rollers very high and I had to remove one of the printing blankets and at times I had to help the print roll on through but I got my edition and they were pretty consistent. It took about 5 proofs though to get the black right. I always need to add more ink that I think I do.

This is a bleed print as all the edges are printed and the paper is in fact smaller than the plate. I've never done a woodcut bleedprint or a woodcut on the press before. I think I'll do more.


Timothy Hunt said...

Great self portait Katie. Really nice print.

Urban Art in Minto Park said...
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