Friday, June 05, 2009

Doors Open Ottawa - Ottawa School of Art: June 6th, 2009 Print Room Demo 1-3pm

From the City of Ottawa Website:

Ottawa was the second city in North America to launch this prestigious
event based on a successful European program dedicated to built heritage, architecture and design.

Each year, visitors hear first-hand the remarkable stories that have shaped the National Capital region. As Ottawa’s largest heritage and architectural event, Doors Open has recorded more than 340,000 visits since it began in 2002.

Currently, 48 European countries participate during European Heritage Month. In addition, Australia and the United States have joined the highly successful Doors Open movement.

Doors Open Ottawa is brought to the community by the City of Ottawa and a dedicated group of volunteers, in collaboration with Heritage Ottawa, Heritage Canada, the Ottawa Regional Society of Architects and the Ontario Heritage Trust. We strive to build partnerships between the City of Ottawa, building owners, neighbourhoods, and the corporate community.

PDF guide to all the locations available here

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