Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome 2011

I didn't do much to welcome in the new year. I stayed at home and found myself watching the George Stroumboupoulos Tonight New Year's Eve Special on the CBC while flipping back and forth to Global and then CTV,
(I don't have cable and these are the channels that come in without any help from me and the computer and laptop were all downstairs).

I was waiting to see some kind of ball drop to mark the change of years. I did find a bit of this with the Niagara Falls New Year's event broadcast on Global, but once I saw it I ignited a craving for Anderson Cooper on CNN, partly for the New York Times Square event but also because they would be broadcasting the shoe drop in Key West.

I watched the Niagara Falls thing and turned back to the CBC to see...
the Air Farce New Year's Eve Special.


I muted the tv and heard.... nothing. No fireworks, no banging of pots, no shouts of Happy New Year! Nothing. Not even a car alarm.

When I lived downtown we'd walk to Parliament Hill and since moving here to the west end I haven't seen any New year's fireworks.

Maybe it was quiet cause everyone was out?

So, in contrast to my New Year's Eve (no video of it taken as it was so ... nothing) I did find video of where my Key West sister was; in the VIP section at the giant Shoe Drop with Sushi. Here's her behind the scenes take on the event.

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